Holding double MSc degrees both in corporate finance from ISCAE and management of information systems from IESEG School of Management. The passion for computers and cybersecurity, on the other hand, has started from an early age which resulted in a professional interest in business and information technology (IT) alignment enabling me to reconcile between my academic background as well as hands-on experience, technical expertise in cybersecurity.

I have been mainly involved in the application security for over five years and have worked as a security analyst for two years at HackerOne helping build a better and safe internet by enlisting the help of a large whitehat hacker community.

On the side, I am an active actor in bug bounty community to which I cherish contributing with as much as I possibly can. I hack on different programs and currently ranked 11th on HackerOne leaderboard with over 700 security vulnerabilities responsibly disclosed to over 137 high-profile organizations, the likes of Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, etc. I have received credits for various other security findings across different products and online services.

I am a digital nomad and world traveler with an avid thirst for adventures, exploring new places and cultures. I have been to 31 countries thus far in 4 different continents and have been living out of a suitcase/backpack for almost two years now. I share my traveling stories on Instagram so feel free to check them out. I also enjoy photographing with my Canon DSLR, flying my DJI drone and skateboarding around the streets.


Yassine Aboukir