I’m holding two MSc degrees both in management of information systems from IESEG School of Management in France, and management and finance from ISCAE in Morocco. The passion for computers and cybersecurity, on the other hand, has started from an early age which resulted in a professional interest in business and information technology (IT) alignment enabling me to reconcile between acquired academic background as well as my relavant hands-on experience and technical expertise in cybersecurity.

I’ve been involved in the application security for a little over 7 years now mostly as an independent contractor, and have worked for two years with HackerOne as a security analyst assisting with vulnerability and bug bounty programs’ management for various renowned companies, as well as closely coordinating with a large community of security researchers. I’m now tackling new challenges and developing more focus and interest towards web security research, automation and offsensive security engineering.

I enjoy being active in the bug bounty community while hacking on various private and public programs. I’m currently amongst HackerOne TOP 20 with over 700 security bugs responsibly disclosed to more than 120 high-profile organizations, the likes of Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Uber, etc.

I’m also a digital nomad by heart, traveling the world for a little over 4 years now. I have an avid thirst for adventure, exploring new places and cultures while meeting interesting people. I have visited 35 countries so far and based myself in a few of them for a handful months. I love to run, lift weights, hike and trek mountains but currently working on learning to surf and improving my surfskating 😁

Best, Yassine Aboukir